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DPMS commingles letters in a post-production environment for First Class, Standard, and Non-Profit Letters. Mail is combined from multiple mailers and sorted into zip code sequence with the objective of attaining the deepest saturation and induction possible.


DPMS delivers mail, nationwide to the destination SCF/NDC for Standard Mail and locally to the appropriate Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) for First Class Mail.


DPMS is able to reduce costs on mixed weight flats of all classes, including First Class, Standard, Nonprofit, and Bound Printed Matter.

This is done by combining multiple mixed weight mail streams from multiple clients into a single manifested mailing. We prepare mail to United States Postal Service ZIP Code requirements which allows us to receive a postage discount through their Work-share Program.

DPMS drop-ships processed flats to the post office that is closest to the mail’s final destination. Typical the delivery process without drop shipping requires mail to pass through as many as six different postal processing centers; while ninety percent of DPMS-processed mail touches only one or two processing centers.

Our flat processing saves clients time and money while eliminating their need to sort, bundle, sack, or stack flats.


We understand the challenges of processing and mailing parcels. Our client service experts work closely with clients to determine the best delivery service and cost that suits the project.

DPMS can manifests flats/parcels with either front-end label production or a post-production environment for all classes/types.

Manifesting consists of non-letter mail (Bound Printed Matter, Flats, and Parcels) that is individually weighed, identified, sorted, and prepared with the objective of attaining the deepest saturation.

We can commingle virtually all sizes, weights, shapes and mail classes. Through the utilization of the United States Postal Service Electronic Verification System (eVS), DPMS commingles packages of virtually all sizes, weights, shapes, and mail classes. This includes Priority Mail Cubic, Bound Printed Matter, Marketing Parcels, Nonprofit Parcel Select, and Parcel Select Lightweight.


DPMS can optimize your international postage with access to a variety of mail routes into Canada and over 40 other industrialized nations. We have negotiated rates with many overseas mail delivery entities.

First Class/Standard routings – are cost-effective with faster in-home delivery than full rate (FCMI).

Front-End Data Processing:

  • Canadian Address Correction – Ensuring an accurate address database
  • Canadian File Presort – Maximizing postal discounts
  • Use of DPMS’s Canada Post indicia or use customer’s indicia
  • Proprietary Rate Shopping System

Mail Processing Canada:

  • Lettermail – First Class equivalent for invoices, checks & personalized correspondence
  • Admail – Standard Class equivalent for promotional based advertising mail (1,000 piece minimum)
  • Parcels – Our pricing will be a fraction of USPS, FedEx, or DHL
  • Publications – Magazines/Periodicals (50 piece minimum)

Mail Processing International (Rest of the World):

  • Priority – First Class Service for checks, personal correspondence, business communication, letters and flats
  • Standard – Economical delivery method for advertising/promotional mail, letters, and flats
  • Parcels
  • Publications

USPS Services and Capabilities

  • First-Class Presort Mail Automation – Letters and Flats

  • Marketing Mail (Standard Class) Presort Mail Automation – Letters and Flats

  • Parcel Services First Class/Standard postal routings to handle any piece type (lightweight, samples, directories, priority mail) Process existing addressed pieces or we can create custom labels

  • International Mail First Class/Standard routings – cost-effective, quicker in-home than full rate (FCMI)

  • EDDM – Every Door Direct Mail Complete Transparency – Tracking Services

  • Postage Payment Options

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