What we offer:

Letter Commingling

DPMS commingles letters in a post-production environment for First Class, Standard, and Non-Profit Letters...

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First/Standard Class Flats

DPMS is able to reduce costs on mixed weight flats of all classes, including First Class, Standard, Nonprofit, and Bound Printed Matter...

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Parcel Services

We understand the challenges of processing and mailing parcels. Our client service experts work closely with clients to determine the best delivery service and cost...

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International Mail

DPMS can optimize your international postage with access to a variety of mail routes into Canada and over 40 other industrialized nations...

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Reduce Postage Costs and Save Time!!!

Delivery Point Mail Services was created to help our customers save valuable resources by reducing postage expense and saving time in navigating the United States Postal Service’s sometimes complex Work-share program.

Our proven processes of combining mail streams from multiple mailers and combining the mail pieces into the proper Zip Code sequences provides a faster in-home delivery time and reduces postage expense. We also help to reduce the need for software, transportation, and the labor costs associated with processing the mail.

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